Bumchu Sikkim Tourism

Bumchu festival is celebrated at Tashiding Monastery, West Sikkim on the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar calendar corresponding to the month of February/March. The opening of the vessel containing the holy water is the major highlight of the festival. The level of water in this vessel is believed to be a sign of the fortunes of the coming year.

Each year, the vessel is opened to verify the level of water in it, it follows that if the water level is higher or lower then it signifies ill fortune such as droughts, diseases and natural calamities. A special recitation is conducted and the seal of the vase is checked before it is taken out of the case.

After the vessel is opened, the monks take seven cups of water from it and after mixing it with water from Rathong Chu distribute it among the devotees. To fill the vessel again, seven cups of water are taken from Rathong Chu and put into the vase and sealed until next year.

Devotees from all over Sikkim as well as neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal, etc. come to take part in this festival.

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