Privacy Policy

When you use Sikkim Travel Card App, some personal and tour related information is collected from you. Additionally, few personal information about the member travelers are also collected. We are committed to protecting the security of this information and safeguarding your privacy. This privacy policy sets out the details about the information collected, the manner in which it is collected, by whom it is collected and the purpose for which it is utilized. When applying for Sikkim Travel Card you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and your use of the App signifies your continued acceptance thereof. There may be revisions on the Privacy Policy from time to time and you will be notified of all such changes.

Information Collected & Process of Collection

The Sikkim Travel Card app provides an interface for tourists to apply for the card and when doing so the following information is collected from you and stored securely on a server operated and managed by the Government of India (Server) – (i) name; (ii) phone number; (iii) age; (iv) sex; (v).nationality, (vi) photo (vii) identification document. (viii) Residential address (ix) emergency contact details and tour details like (i) Expected arrival and departure date (ii) mode of arrival (iii) purpose of visit. To safeguard the identification of the travelers and to eradicate fraudulent practices, a SMS will be sent to the phone number being registered to provide the OTP as part of the application process. On successfully applying for the travel card, the individual tourists or group travelling together will receive a 12 digit Tour ID that uniquely identifies the tourist details. The Tour ID will thereafter be used to identify tourists in all subsequent tour related transactions such as places visited, destinations travelled etc. In addition to tourists applying for the travel card, they can also generate the travel card through their service providers to make the process easy. On doing so, the consent to disclose their information to the service provider is implied thereof. An option is also provided in the app to update or edit information in the travel card to facilitate cases such as change personal details, add or remove travelling members etc. The app shall facilitate the downloading of the travel card in a PDF format and also the ability to scan the QR code generated as part of the card for viewing purposes by authorities during their visit to Sikkim.

Purpose of collecting data and how it is utilized

Government of Sikkim is committed to providing enhanced quality of tourism related services to all its travellers and therefore has introduced guidelines and mandates around applying for travel card and its usage. The Sikkim Travel Card is a unique initiative from the Government of Sikkim with the following objectives:

  1. Provide high quality of service delivery for tourists by empanelled/registered service providers.
  2. Provide Hassel free documentation for travelers.
  3. Pre-determine expected volume of tourist visits in coming months to align the services adapted to the movement and requirements for support services.
  4. Effective & efficient tourist tracking and footfall count.
  5. Easy contact tracing during pandemic with features like capturing daily tour itinerary & log destination visits by accommodation units.

The personal information collected from you at the time of applying the card( or providing updates) is utilized by the Tourism & Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim, for purposes such as generating reports, analytics, statistical visualizations and keep track of tourist entry/exit & tour record, provide support services for disaster/accident relief, evacuation and medical aid.