Loosong/Namsoong Sikkim Tourism

The festival of Loosong is mostly celebrated in the month of December every year with traditional gaiety and colour both by Lepchas and Bhutias. It marks the end of harvest season as also the closing of the Tibetan year. Several religious dances (known as Chaams) are performed mostly in the famous monasteries of all four districts to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Traditional archery competitions are also held at various places during the festival.

Lossong celebrated all over Sikkim marks the end of the harvest season at the end of the tenth month of the Tibetan Year. Taking cue from a good harvest and praying for even better prospects for the next crop, the festival is marked by religious masked dances in Enchey Monastery. The dances symbolize the exorcizing of the evil spirits and the welcoming of the good spirits for the new year. Lossong has now become an important festival where visitors from all over the world can get to see the local sporting events like archery, climbing of greased pole.

Local cuisine, handicrafts, floriculture and cultural programmes are some of the added attractions during the festival. The festival is organized by Tribal Youth Association of Gangtok.



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