Sakewa Sikkim Tourism

 It is celebrated by Rais n Takes place all over the state n Kirat Rais are basically nature worshippers and during the festival, prayers are offered to the natural supreme power, the creator of the universe for peace, protection and wellbeing of all living and non-living things of the universe. It is an annual festival and is celebrated as a tribute to mother nature. It is marked with the performing of puja where prayers are offered to the Supreme Power for Peace and Protection and for the wellbeing of all the living and non-living things of the universe. n Info: The rituals for this particular festival are performed in an open space, which is also known as Bhoomi Puja or Chandi Puja. Sakewa Silior ceremonial dances are performed where dancers imitate the movements and sounds of birds, beasts and nature. It carries a cultural significance and depicts a unique charm of the community. 

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January, December