Lhabab duechen

Lhabab duechen  Sikkim Tourism

Lhabab Dhuechen festival symbolises the Descent of Buddha from the heaven of the thirty three gods after visiting his mother. Prayer ceremonies are conducted in various monasteries across the state in reverence to this holy day.This festival epitomizes in a significant manner the descent of Buddha from the heaven of the thirty-three Gods after visiting his mother. It is universally believed that Lord Buddha through his spiritual powers came to know about the whereabouts of his mother who did not live for a long time after his birth. After gaining the necessary information about his mother he ascended to Heaven where he delivered sermons to his mother and other celestial beings. During this period the disciples of the lord could not bear his long separation and longed to hear his preaching. Buddha finally relented and descended on earth along a triple ladder that was prepared especially for the occasion by Viswakarma



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