Zemu Glacier

Zemu Glacier

  • Elevation
    4100 - 6400
  • Area (sq.km)
  • District
  • Best Time To Visit
    between March and June

Zemu Glacier is the largest glacier in the Eastern Himalaya. It is about 26 kilometres (16 mi) in length and is located at the base of Kangchenjunga in the Himalayan region of Sikkim, India. The Zemu Glacier drains the east side of Kanchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain.

First off, you won’t find Zemu Glacier on a regular list of Sikkim tourist attractions. This is because the trek that leads up to this magical glacier, at the base of the mighty Kanchenjunga, is rated moderate to difficult. That being said, the road to Zemu Glacier is straight out of a painting. Gushing waterfalls, twinkling rivulets, and pristine panoramas form the backdrop of a trek unlike any other in the region.

As you pass through thick forest areas, you will be amazed at the flora and fauna that inhabit this snowy region. Blue poppies in bloom dot the wayside and you will soon lose count of the varieties of rhododendrons. The trail reaches a height of nearly 5,000m, making this a challenging journey but an adventure of a lifetime. You can view the mountain-scape from nearly every tourist spot in Sikkim; Zemu Glacier, being at the foot of the third-highest peak in the world, is at the heart of nature and a bucketlist-worthy experience.


Best Time To Visit
It is best to visit in the month of between March and June
Key Attractions
  • Flora and fauna that inhabit this snowy region.The stars here shine brighter than usual and as the moonlight covers the snow.