Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim is watched over and blessed by the guardian deity, Mount Khangchendzonga (8589 M). This jewel in the mountain entices mountain lovers from all over the world. Albeit, trekking to the mountain itself is forbidden, trekkers will walk for many days just to get close to it and experience the tranquility and watch the mountain in his majestic splendor. To the adventure lovers trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many proportions. For sheer exhilaration nothing can match the view of the mountains, which seem to reach the heaven. As you wander up lush green trails you begin to amaze and wonder at the untouched natural splendor and Trekkers have the chance to sight many exotic animals like the Musk Deer or the exotic Red Panda perched among the treetops. Sikkim offers some of the finest trekking experience in the Himalaya. The state’s vast unspoiled mountain ranges are a trekker’s delight and its amazing range of flora and fauna is a dream come true for all nature lovers. There are many treks in Sikkim, which adventure seekers can explore and undertake, it is also again divided in different levels, duration, grades and seasons. Foreign Nationals have to apply for permission to trek in these areas through the trekking agencies, which are registered with Department of Tourism & Civil Aviation, Govt of Sikkim. Indian Nationals can trek with Guides and Local staff but they have to inform their itinerary and plan at the local police check post.